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Magicka: Vietnam post-release reactions

If you listen to our podcast, you know that DLC is a pretty popular topic of here at Nitpixels. We’re all very opinionated about the right and wrong ways to do it. This post is no different. As I mentioned previously on the site, I was extremely hyped about Magicka: Vietnam, Magicka‘s first paid DLC. The base game was a wonderfully good time and the company had a great sense of humor. There’s no way this DLC could go wrong, right? Uh, wrong.

I bought Magicka: Vietnam on Steam the very first moment I could on launch day. That night, right after we recorded the most recent episode of the podcast, I jumped on and played through it with a few friends. The DLC consists of a single 30 minute mission and an arena map. Less than an hour of content for $5. Fun content, yes, but there is very little of it. At this stage in the game, that kind of price for so little content is disappointing at best. I didn’t go in expecting a full secondary campaign (and that’s not what was advertised) but I paid $5 for a 30 minute mission and an arena. To say it did not meet my expectations is a massive understatement.

I didn’t mind the format of the Vietnam mission. The full campaign that was included in the base game is well-designed for a single player experience, but the core entertainment value of the game is playing it online with friends. Who is going to be able to play a multi-hour campaign online with friends in one sitting? Almost nobody. Breaking it up into shorter pieces of content is a very smart move. The Vietnam mission was a perfectly sized chunk of content to play through with some buddies. This DLC just needed more chunks. I don’t think wanting an hour’s worth of mission-based combat is unreasonable.

I still believe that Magicka is one of the most unique, entertaining games to come out this year. I still highly recommend the base game. This DLC, however, feels like a cash grab — and maybe they have a right to that cash grab. The base game was severely underpriced at $10. I would have gladly paid more for it. This DLC feels like they realized that, then rushed out the smallest amount of content possible so they could get a little more bang for their buck. It strikes me as a little dishonest, and that’s a real shame.

Due to the low price point of the base game, I’m really not as angry about this as I could be, or potentially should be. Magicka is worth far more than $10. Even if this DLC was underwhelming, I’ve still paid less overall on Magicka than I would on some other form of entertainment.

As I said, I do still love Magicka and if you asked me right now if you should buy it, I would say yes, absolutely. In fact, it’s less than $10 on Steam right now — it’s $4.99. If you don’t own the game, go buy it right now.

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