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Suggest your favorite multiplayer PC game!

After spending many hours last night playing Nutsy Bolts with a number of friends and readers, I was prompted to do something a little differently here on the blog today. I want to ask a question of all of you What do you think are good multiplayer online games?

Free games like Nutsy Bolts and Transformice are ideal, but paid games like Left 4 Dead and Magicka are very much acceptable! I find it strangely difficult to find pick-up-and-go multiplayer games that aren’t MMOs or first person shooters. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist — I simply don’t know what they are.

There are plenty of console party games like the Mario Kart, Mario Party, and all sorts of fighting games, but I find it much harder to find that experience on the PC. There is no PC Mario Party. You play an MMO or you play a first person shooter. It feels like a very limited set of options. StarCraft (or similar titles) is certainly an option, but it feels like a significant undertaking for what it is — party games generally have a very fast turnover round to round. In my experience, StarCraft … doesn’t.

Please, suggest your favorite multiplayer games! Any genre is acceptable. FPS, RPG,whatever you want, as long as it’s fun!

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