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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 34: Star Wars: The Old Republic « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 34: Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Nitpixels Podcast returns this week with your hosts Matthew Rossi, Alex Ziebart, and Mat McCurley. This week is all Star Wars, all the time. Here’s a shocker: we don’t hate it!

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  • Jonah Kellman

    So, I know that I’m not going to play SW:ToR as an MMO- I just don’t know enough people who are going to play. However, is it in addition to being WoW with lightsabers, KoToR 3?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see SWTOR as WoW with lightsabers.   While there are similarities in gameplay, they’re really skin deep.  Where SWTOR really innovates is in its story immersion.  It took until I was a bit into the game to realize I was doing quests.  I never had to click, or if I did it made sense.  Rossi can say that WoW had quests that auto started since Cata, but its not the same. 

      In some sense it really felt like KOTOR3 than anything else.  If I had to compare it to any other game, I’d compare it more to Dragon Age 2 than World of Warcraft.  It really looks like a great RPG, and I’m looking forward to playing the hell out of it. 

      If you like RPGs like BG, NWN, KOTOR, Dragon Age: Origins, and Dragon Age 2, then I think you would like SWTOR. 

      As for other players, I never really got to a point where I *needed* any others.  Of course social is a draw, but for me its pure story and the role.  From that, I would say TOR is the best RPG I have played in the past 4 years. 

      • http://twitter.com/paulghillier Paul Hillier

        Can I just say, Damn you.  I’m really debating this one and this post makes me want to get it more.  I bought the yearly WoW sub thing during Blizzcon weekend because at the time I was leveling through PvP and having fun again but I’m finding myself not playing again.  I might just check on getting the game, play for the free month and then decide.  If it has a good story like everyone says and it is a good RPG it might hook me.  

        • Anonymous

          That’s exactly what I’m planning on doing.  I plan on using the free month to see just how long the content in TOR lasts.  If its weak in staying power, I don’t see me doing it.  

  • http://twitter.com/Panador meh

    As for Revan in SWTOR – he plays a role in the Sith Inquisitor storyline (side quest though, not main class quest). You are told to undercover in the cult of the Revanites, followers of Revan. Apparently the boss Siths don’t like those guys and want you do find out who’s the leader so they can remove him.

    The Revanites believe that Revan died and was “reborn” as something more than Sith or Jedi, he took what he needed from both Sith and Jedi and became something greater. Also, their leader tells you that they believe that Revan IS the Sith Emperor, having killed the original Emperor and has been the Emperor since, but that the other top level Sith guys effectively isolated him.

    You don’t actually see Revan, just a statue of him, and you find his mask, but can’t wear it. -.-

  • Anonymous

    LucasArts is wrong. There are gay people in Star Wars. Goran Beviin is a Mandalorian mercenary that is basically Boba Fett’s best friend, and he is gay. It’s in one of the books about the fall of Jacen Solo to the dark side, which are all considered canon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gordon-Goldhammer/1525405124 Gordon Goldhammer

    So. New Vegas is better than,. Fallout 1 or Fallout 2?  

  • Sayomara Vesper

    Rossi don’t let Mat over selling of the Redletter Media reviews of Star War films keep you away from them. They are both funny and well reasoned. So much so you could have never seen the films and still get a good understanding of what his issues with the films.  And come on its not like you were going to do something else with those 4+ hours anyways. 


    • http://twitter.com/gomatgo Mathew McCurley

      I don’t think I’m overselling them at all. They are awesome, and I remind him once every 2 months.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I liked the show, but I have three points. 

    1) I totally disagree with Alex that TOR is just WoW in space.  If you like WoW better, then just own up to it.  I’d respect that a ton more than spouting BS that is not correct.  Judge the game on its own merits, don’t make BS comparisons that don’t really make sense.  Being truthful, TOR is much more like STO’s ground game and DCUO’s game play than WoW.  

    2) Everquest came out in 1999, not 1997.  I played it at launch, but I didn’t find it to be my cup of tea.  I stayed with Ultima Online, a game I had been playing for near 4 years at the time, including beta.  And yes, even back then many many people said EQ was the same game as UO.  

    3) In Dune, the companion that Paul “won” by besting Jamis worked in a stillsuit factory.   I believe her name was Harah.  I don’t agree that the Fremen had any sort of metaphysical relationship with their equipment.  I think Herbert just didn’t write about the mundane tasks.  In a military organization like the Fremen, the individuals would likely spend a ton of their time maintaining their weapons and equipment like stillsuits and what not.  

    And finally a question for you.  What do you think about yet another release of Star Wars in theaters in eye poppin’ 3D ?  I think I’m likely to skip it myself.  

    • http://www.nitpixels.com Alex Ziebart

      It isn’t a BS comparison. Looking at early looks of the game across almost any gaming outlet, the TOR = WoW comparison is a common one. The only thing TOR brings to the table is the conversation system (which is very good). Every other aspect of the game is World of Warcraft. Same sorts of quests, same faction division, same gear customization, same flightpath mechanics, and largely the same combat system.  I really enjoy that mob pulls are in packs of 3-5, that’s a lot more interesting that WoW’s 1v1 questing, but bosses seem to boil down to the “bunch of guys attacking one guy with a lot of HP” dynamic again, which is disappointing. Maybe that’s not true across the board, but it seems to be the case in all the footage I’ve watched.

      World of Warcraft was (at launch) just EverQuest with fresh paint, too. Down the road I’m sure WoW and TOR will deviate like EQ and WoW did, but right now? TOR is absolutely WoW in Space, and I’m not saying that like it’s a purely bad thing. There’s an audience for WoW in space. People want to play that. That’s cool. Nothing wrong with that.

      The comparison to STO’s ground game is, IMO, the worst insult you could possibly level at TOR. STO was a miserable excuse of a game, as Cryptic MMOs tend to be. TOR is actually fun.

      • Anonymous

        I know more places other than you guys make the comparison.  I just don’t buy it.  Yes there are similarities between TOR and WoW, I fully agree.  However, it is not a fair comparison.  My point about STO wasn’t that it was a good game, but that if you examine TOR and STO, you will see that it is similar in terms of its game play.  I do agree that STO is piece of crap when compared to TOR, and in general.  STO did start getting better, and I gotta admit the user generated content for STO did intrigue me, but its near impossible to get past that the game is incredibly boring at points and grindy as all hell.  

        Also, I didn’t play WoW at launch, tho I did play it some during its beta.  In fact I didn’t play it at launch because at the time it didn’t really have anything that I wasn’t getting from the other games I was playing at the time.  However, in the beta it didn’t seem like EQ with paint.  It seemed a lot like Diablo2 in terms of gameplay really, except that when I played it there weren’t much to do and most of it wasn’t all that exciting.  In other words it was pretty but it didn’t have enough oomph to get me excited.  

        What I liked about TOR is the immersion.  I never felt like I had to go to a guy to get a quest, I always had what I needed, and other than the actual start quest, it always made sense, I didn’t seem to have to do things that were overly mundane.  I actually missed the bonus quests when I first played, so I’m not sure if that would have changed my opinion.  If I were going to compare this with anything, I think I would choose DC Universe Online, not World of Warcraft. 

        The other thing I liked was the level of activity.  It always felt like I was doing something, as opposed to many other MMOs where there’s dead time.  Perhaps in higher level content there will be dead time, but I didn’t get that far.  

        I don’t usually get overly excited about MMOs, I have been disappointed way too many times.  I _am_ excited about SWTOR, and I have high hopes for it now.  I guess time will tell.

  • Thurro Wildhammer

    Just wanted to mention that a nitpixels favorite, Bastion, is now available in the Google Chrome app store utilizing Chrome’s new native client tech.  Demo is free and the full game is $14.99.  The graphics look great for being in a browser tab and best of all, Bastion can now be played on a Mac!

  • Joseph Spivey

    This is the reason I love this podcast, you guys give a critical eye to MMO’s and the mechanics behind it. This is probably the best analytical look at the game so far.

    It’s hard to listen to some Old Republic podcast because they play out the same exact way, not really giving the same kinds of criticisms and there is always that hint of fanboyism behind every show.

    All in all, great episode.

  • http://twitter.com/paulghillier Paul Hillier

    I know you probably got a long list of things already to talk about this week but I thought I would mention EQ2 going F2P as a possible topic.  I am downloading it and looking forward to checking it out since I never played EQ2 before and I want to see what it’s like but apparently to do anything past level 80 you really need to spend money or get a sub.  There is a big topic on it on the steam forums.  I know you talked about F2P models before and how they should work but what are your thoughts on EQ2.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1486585767 Vikram Kopuri


    No new podcast for 15 days now. I think im suffering from nitpixel withdrawal symptoms :(