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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 33: Gettin’ mad about video games « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 33: Gettin’ mad about video games

The Nitpixels Podcast returns this week with your hosts Mat McCurley, Matthew Rossi, and Alex Ziebart. This week’s discussion topics include:

  • More on the Diablo III beta
  • The SWTOR beta
  • Unsolved murder mysteries completely unrelated to video games
  • And some other things we can’t remember!

You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below, download it directly via the link below, or download and subscribe via iTunesNote: The iTunes store can take an extraordinarily long time to display new episodes on the podcast page. If you subscribe, it will download the episode for you, even though it may not immediately display on the page.

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  • Sam Grimes

    Am I missing something or is there no download link?

    • http://twitter.com/meDotJS Witty Name

      There isn’t any download in the .rss feed either.

  • Anonymous

    Podcast link missing for a while now, don’t know how long food supplies and Dr. Pepper will last. Have started to listen to old Yogpods to keep away the chill in my bones. Supplies are running out and we can’t live forever off of Nuka-Cola, Nord Mead, and Mountain Dew. *crackle* Help me Nitpixels Podcast, you’re my only hope! *crackle*

    Seriously though, can’t find the download link and I just finished off the Dr. Pepper. Stop making me feel guilty about not studying for midterms.

    • http://www.nitpixels.com Alex Ziebart

      I fixed it! I fixed it!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Mr. Ziebart.
        Everyone say thank you.

        You win an imaginary cookie sir.

        • http://twitter.com/musicchan Rachelle J.


  • http://twitter.com/DeGeiDragon DeGei

    Saints Row: The Third is just as awesome and fun as Alex said. You should play it. YOU, reading this, go get it now, or wait to see if it goes on sale on Steam in the next few days. But plan on getting it.

    Always bet on the Saints.

  • Sayomara Vesper

    This is an amazing show. Everything the Matt & Mat rail against in nerd culture getting mad minor issues, nitpicking, not playing a game because of the beta test. Its amazing how you guys hate all of this behavior when its directed at wow insider yet your showing your spots here. 

    It just feels hollow relative to your normal shows. Alex as always rocks and is heart of the show. 

  • http://twitter.com/Panador meh

    This episode had some of the funniest shit you’ve ever done, absolutely loved it. :D

    I don’t really agree on “pressuring” being enough to represent a “hybrid tax” though. Yeah, there’s pressuring with hybrids to become tanks or healers (thus, GW2, screw the holy trinity ;)) but there’s also a bit of pressuring with pure DPS, play this spec, play that spec, I heard that’s better!!11 Not as much, but also annoying.

    And hybrids do have the versatility to play more roles with their main character instead of having to switch to a new character. My main in WoW is a mage because that’s just the class I love the most. But I’d really like to be able to also tank or heal with this character, just have more options, without having to play a completely different character. I got 9 85s, so theoretically I could play a healer- or tank-class but they’re just not my main character, the one I invested the most time in, the one I love the most.

    If they ever add a fourth spec to WoW – hell, I signed up for the Annual Pass, might as well hope for some long-term changes – I really hope they add a tank or healer spec for DPS. Or at least a hybrid-tank or hybrid-heal spec, like Warhammer’s Shaman.

    I’d like to be able to play a healer for one raid tier if I feel like it, without having to let my main character atrophy.


    As for SWTOR Beta – finally got in this time and so far …. don’t love it. The voice acting is very nice but I already see how it can be annoying very easily to have to run through the entire conversation with every quest you do. The combat though, the thing you do most of the time, just feels incredibly  … wooden, slow, cumbersome. Even WoW feels more … “dynamic” even though it’s the same standing around, casting or hitting buttons or whatever, they just make it feel better, don’t know how.

    I wanted to get SWTOR for a long time, hell, Bioware + Star Wars = Win, but starting this year, with more trailers etc. released I just fell more and more out of love with the game, it just seemed way too much like current MMOs, especially in terms of combat, it even retains the holy trinity.
    Finally I have the option to see it for myself with this beta and so far it has not necessarily proven my assumptions wrong.

    But yeah, still very early, gotta look back on it once the weekend is over.


    Also, yeah, Carver, DA2 … that’s exactly what I did the very first time I played the game. ^^ Played as a mage, of course, favorite class and all, took Carver in the Deep Roads, with Varic – no Varic? no way – and poor, stupid Carver died. :)
    Hell, at that time I actually regretted it, I still hoped he could change over time just like the other characters can grow to like or dislike you, he’s your brother after all. But damn … now I’m glad the idiot died then and I didn’t have to bother with him.

    • http://twitter.com/Panador meh

      Ok, SWTOR: Damn it’s fun …. it absolutely does have its problems and I could talk about them for a long time but in the end the story, character, companion etc. stuff is so fun I might just get the game anyway. Not sure how long I’m gonna play it but if every storyline is as fun as the Sith Inquisitor … might be a while.

  • http://twitter.com/gnu2000 gnu2000

    Excellent show this week – McCurley’s impromtu performance of the Hell March had me laughing far too much!

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  • http://twitter.com/jtth Jordan T-H

    I really like you guys, but I really hate it when the podcast becomes Dragon Age Insider.

    • http://www.nitpixels.com Alex Ziebart


  • Anonymous

    I liked this one, but two things: 

    1) The testimonial ad, like the Mr T, W Shatner, or Chuck Norris WoW ad, is done to form a connection with the consumer, and has little to gameplay or even jokes.  They’re counting on you having seen something by the actor which was positive and that you’ll associate that with their product.  While I’m not a marketer, and I don’t know specifics on why it works, I just know that it does work.  And Chuck Norris’s political beliefs are likely a non issue, as I don’t think many really know them, nor if they did, would particularly care.  Note when I say care, I mean that the average person doesn’t bring social/economic/political/gender views onto a personality that isn’t in that venue.  

    2) SWTOR is incredibly awesome.  I don’t understand why you all had problems, the website worked great.  The only “problem” I had was I did not remember my password, and it took 10 minutes or so for the reset email to hit me.  And I don’t blame EA for that.  The client download did take awhile but that was expected.  I don’t like that I had to log in for the client to update, and I hope they change that.  I have to say I’m disappointed in you guys, especially Sacco.  If you don’t like TOR that’s fine, if it threatens you, that’s fine too.  I can definitely see why none of you would be happy about TOR, and I can see why you wouldn’t want it to succeed.   However, badmouthing it reduces your credibility, not its, especially since there’s a ton of people out there that are saying its good.  You can say its WoW with lightsabers, but that’s about as true as saying WoW is just Baldur’s Gate (as WoW took much from that game as well as others.)   I think TOR has the potential to be a great game and a great MMO.  The only problem I see with TOR is whether or not EA/Bioware can produce as good content in a timely fashion.  If it can, I doubt I will *ever* play WoW again after 12/20/2011. 

    • http://www.nitpixels.com Alex Ziebart

      As of the time of recording the podcast, my only experiences were SWTOR we bad ones. I don’t feel I was being unfair at all — their website was of questionable performance for about half the week. Did they clear it up eventually? Yes. Was it fine prior to the stress test kickoff? Probably!

      What it came down to is that they invited me to test the game for one weekend, and their website was down the one and only time I needed to get something done on it. That may not be par for the course for them, it was just a small, isolated stress-induced bit of downtime, but that was literally my only experience with their game at the time of recording. I don’t think it hurts our credibility to say we had problems when it’s the honest to god truth.

      This weekend I DID get time with the actual game, though. I’m looking forward to talk about that this week.

      • Anonymous

        Alright, perhaps I’m being too harsh.  It just seems… odd that most of people I see posting negative stuff about the old republic are wow bloggers, and when I do general hash searches, I see vastly  more positives than negatives. 

        That sort of thing makes a reader, well me at the very least, think its more sour grapes than anything else, and that makes those wow bloggers lose credibility.  While I admit, I didn’t see much if anything from you, I did see some tweets from Sacco that after I had played the game made me lose respect for him, and the blogs he’s associated with including this one.  That’s just one example. 

        In any event, I did enjoy the podcast, and unlike the comment below, I enjoy talk about all bioware properties including DA, and ME.  I also enjoy talk about D3.  About the only thing I haven’t enjoyed from you guys is when you talked exclusively about TV shows :P  

        • http://twitter.com/gomatgo Mathew McCurley

          I’ll be talking extensively about my weekend with SWTOR (mostly positive) on this week’s show, and I think all of this will be addressed. 

      • http://twitter.com/Panador meh

        Looking forward to this next episode, really curious what you’re gonna say about SWTOR.
        For me it was “oh yeah, SWTOR, Bioware+Star Wars, epic!!!” a year ago… Then came all those videos showing wodden, slow, boring combat that could have been taken straight out of WoW and a thousand other MMOs. And my interest in the game fell … fast and deep, I had pretty much given up on it. At the same time my interest in GW2 rose immensely, with each new video and revelation, more good stuff. I’m still very much waiting for GW2.

        But this beta weekend got my interest up for SWTOR again – a lot. 

        It absolutely does have its problems, and quite a few of them imo (the biggest of them imo is lacking innovation in all terms other than the character story thing, it’s like WoW 2, 3 years ago in many respects) but I’m interested again, the character story driven questing and the voiced interactions were just so much fun (<3 my Sith Inquisitor, just such an evil asshole ^^).

    • http://twitter.com/gomatgo Mathew McCurley

      Also, I think it’s less about not liking TOR and just being MMO vets who have had years and years of awesome features promised to us that never materialized. Hell, I’m still made about them cancelling Ultima Online 2. I don’t hate SWTOR (in fact I’m in love with it after playing the beta) but I’m definitely critical of it, as well as every other MMO that will be released in the next million years.

      • Anonymous

        I was a bit less upset about UO2 after they renamed it, it sounded odd and quite a bit non ultima.  I also have played many MMOs, starting in 96 with UO (I did beta test that one.)  I also played MUDs before MMOs.  

        I have ridden through many bad launches, especially bad EA launches.  I remember how bad many UO launches were.  I also remember how bad SWG’s launch was.  Both companies should have been able to put out a quality launch, but failed miserably.  I have to admit, I was surprised when Blizzard did so well with Cataclysm’s launch.  I think there are two or three dings I would give TOR, first of all is stability.  I honestly would have expected better stability less than a month before launch than it was.  While the website worked fine, I crashed several times in game.  Second ding I have is I am real skeptical that Bioware will be able to produce quality content in a timely fashion.  I know some companies can do this, but with the immersion level I have seen, I don’t see it.  The last ding is I wonder how good the full game is.  If you look at other MMOs, this is where they are weak.  

        But on the plus side, I have not to date played as immersive an MMO as TOR.  If it keeps up and if it keeps the same level of fun, then I don’t think I will be playing much else :) 

        What do you guys think? 

  • Joseph Spivey

    Good episode, as usual. Trying to catch up, we do indeed like Rossi’s personal stories.