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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 32: Skyrim is pretty fun, y’all « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 32: Skyrim is pretty fun, y’all

The Nitpixels Podcast returns this week with your hosts Matthew Rossi, Mat McCurley, and Alex Ziebart. This week’s discussion topics include:

  • The Diablo III beta
  • Skyrim
  • The Star Wars: The Old Republic beta
  • Mass Effect 3 leaks (mostly spoiler free)
  • We announce the winner of our Bastion giveaway!

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  • Daniel Reasor

    If everyone who has been in the SWTOR Beta remains bound by NDA, and everyone has been in the SWTOR Beta, has Bioware used the power of NDA to prevent anyone from spreading word of mouth that they’re not impressed with it?

  • Anonymous

    @google-50cb29a7e283680826d9949343fb6d9e:disqus I don’t think so.  I have seen several that have communicated that they aren’t impress.  Usually by saying that they played it X and played another game 10X.  Kinda shows relatives… 

  • Anonymous

    Alright, I hate to be a super nerd, but you guys(Rossi) got several things wrong.  First of all, Ultima Online came out in Sept of 97.  Asheron’s Call came out in 99.  EQ released earlier that year. UO was the first mainstream MMO and was the dominant game (by subscribers) until shortly after they released their third expansion in 2000 or 2001.  At that point, EQ shot past UO.  I never followed EQ as much as UO or AC, so I don’t know if it was just the inclusion of the PVE only area that did it or if EQ released content.  I do know that while EQ shot past UO, UO didn’t contract subscribers, it also grew, but at a much smaller rate.  AC had a smaller user base throughout this as I recall. I don’t ever remember Verant being considered a dominant power of the MMO space until 2001 or 2002, and even then they didn’t really innovate, they mainly stole stuff from other innovators, EQ has strong ties to TES2.  In fact, I wouldn’t say Verant innovated until they worked on SWG, whose team had a bunch of ex-OSI developers, many of which went to Blizzard.  

    It does bother me when people get history wrong, and they don’t give credit where its due.  Now I realize that while I said above that UO was the first mainstream MMO is somewhat arbitrary as there were a cpl of games that ran on Compuserv (Can’t recall the name) and AOL (Neverwinter Nights).  Plus if you go back to text based MUDs, it gets even muddier.  But the popularity of MMOs and even many of the systems go back spiritually to UO, then EQ and AC with many other single player games playing parts. 

  • http://twitter.com/musicchan Rachelle J.

    I missed you guys!

    I’m sad I didn’t win Bastion. Guess I’ll have to spend my hard-earned money to get it. =p

  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry Phillips

    Anyone who complains about Bioware wasting development time on a mode that automates the conversations in ME3 for you clearly has no idea how absolutely simple programming that would be.

  • http://twitter.com/Panador meh

    Have to agree on Skyrim – it’s fucking AMAZING. My favorite TES game so far was Morrowind (started too late, tried Daggerfall, couldn’t get into it) and didn’t love Oblivion all that much. The voice acting, the repetitive dungeons, the fugly faces, the animations, the boring and too large world and so on. Also the main story was not all that great.

    And – and that’s one of the main things where Morrowind > Oblivion for me – you’re Mister Nobody in Oblivion. You help the really important guy, Martin Septim, do his thing. You are nobody really. In Morrowind you’re the fucking Nerevarine. In Skyrim you’re the fucking Dragonborn!

    Yeah, Oblivion had some better mechanics and graphics etc. but overall I much prefer Morrowind over Oblivion. Oh, yeah, and credit where it’s due, Oblivion had the excellent Dark Brotherhood questline.

    And now Skyrim … beats the hell out of Morrowind! It does everything Morrowind and Oblivion did right and then some.

    I always liked the general idea of the TES skill system, getting better at something by doing it instead of investing some magical EXP  or whatever. But it always felt way too tedious in both Morrowind and Oblivion. Now it’s just right for me. Some may say it’s been made too easy, dumbed down or whatever, I don’t care, I like it. The combat works, the skill upgrades you can “buy” actually feel worthwhile.

    The story, the quests, the world, the combat, the graphics, the animations, the voice acting, the dungeons, EVERYTHING about Skyrim is just really, really great.
    And to think I wanted to postpone buying it …. jesus…

    The only bad thing I can think of right now – the main storyline seems way short, I know I’m getting close to the end and it just doesn’t feel anywhere near as long as the one in Oblivion (although that felt very repetitive with closing all those damn Oblivion gates towards the end) and Morrowind.