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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 27: Where is everybody? « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 27: Where is everybody?

The Nitpixels Podcast returns this week with your hosts Mat McCurley and Alex Ziebart. We’re missing both Mike Sacco and Matt Rossi this week, so… wtf, guys?

This week’s discussion topics include:

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NCEX4PI3JRNL7H4Y6CZV76CKVU JamieC

    No Dominion talk?!?!?! I am suprised. I have loved it so far. Also, Bastion is a great game and I never use points on the Xbox but finally did for this game. Great pick!

    • http://twitter.com/gomatgo Mathew McCurley

      I am going to talk about Dominion ALL next week. You won’t get me to shut up about it. It is SO good.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3B4FWJC7VZ5NXF7Q5TR5WFTPWE Tom


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3B4FWJC7VZ5NXF7Q5TR5WFTPWE Tom

      So after leaving the ship I headed in a random direction, eager to begin exploring.  The first area I found?  Veni vidi vici.

      Now I need to go find one of my old NES controllers to throw at a wall.

      • http://www.nitpixels.com Alex Ziebart

        Bahaha, oh god, I am so sorry. : (

        …have fun! :D

  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry Phillips

    I loved the television talk in this episode. Now I really want to watch Breaking Bad. This won’t jive well with the 1 billion comedy shows that I want to watch this season. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised you didn’t at least gloss over the delay in Diablo3, or if you guys really are the unofficial Bioware/EA podcast, why didn’t you at least mention that TOR got dated as well as both TOR and ME3 having rumors of delays.  

    I’m not much of a fan of TV, but whatever, you can’t have everything.  

    I remember reading or hearing from OSI back in 95 or 96 that an MMO needs to be able to handle more than 128 players in one area gaming together in the prime focus of the game, so things like lobbies don’t count.  BF1942 is not an MMO, tho WWII online was/is.  

    However, what I see lately is that people label games MMO or non MMO according to how they feel about MMOs and the game.  So someone who likes MMO games labels games he/she likes as MMO.  “I like MMOs, therefore since LoL is multiplayer and I like it it must be an MMO”, and vice versa. 

    I also could not disagree with Mat M more about Facebook being a virtual world.  Facebook, in fact all of these generic social networking sites like G+, twitter, myspace, etc are tools.  They can be used to communicate about worlds, virtual or real, but they are not themselves worlds.  When someone says “I’m going on Facebook”, you have no idea if that person is going to look at pictures of their friends new baby (A real world thing), to play on farmville (A virtual world), or something else, or all.  Whereas if one says I’m going on WoW then you know that person is entering the virtual world of Azeroth. 

    In any event, keep up the good work, its fun to listen :)

  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry Phillips

    BTW, thank you for not using stereo separation in your podcast. I like being able to only use one earbud in order to listen while I’m at work. I hate using both because I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to ignore everyone.

  • http://twitter.com/paulghillier Paul Hillier

    Another good podcast as always even with just the two of you.  I love talking about television shows and listening to others talking about televisions shows.  I’m all for anything you can geek out about.  I am watching Breaking Bad and I did watch Dead Like Me.  I never really tried The Shield.  I look forward to the next episode, maybe talk about LoL and maybe The Binding of Isaac.  Looking forward to the new show hopefully with Mat, Alex, Rossi AND Sacco. ;) 

  • http://twitter.com/peterchristy Peter Christy

    Dead Like Me had two really good seasons and one crappy follow up movie. There’s no Rube and they changed Daisy’s actress. All the characters seemed almost shadows of their former selves and I couldn’t get through it. Maybe it comes together at the end but I doubt it. Everyone should watch the television episodes but feel comfortable skipping the movie. 

  • http://twitter.com/Arrohon Arrohon

    I love how Mat was told to talk to himself, and he did…. successfully.