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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 26: You were the chosen one « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 26: You were the chosen one

The Nitpixels Podcast is back this week with your hosts Mat McCurley, Matthew Rossi, and Alex Ziebart. This week our discussion topics include:

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  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry Phillips

    No, Devil May Cry 3 was the prequel where Dante gets his demon powers. Number 4 had the weird guy (Nero?). 2 was terrible.

    • http://www.nitpixels.com Alex Ziebart

      That’s true, 3 was a prequel. But DmC is going to be like… the prequel’s prequel?

      • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry Phillips

        Something like that.

  • http://twitter.com/DeGeiDragon DeGei

    This was probably one of the best episodes yet. The full on lambasting of Star Wars was great listening. Keep the hits coming!

    Two suggestions/ideas: First, switch to a two hour format, pretty please. Second, add a section with a topic for listeners to write in on, i.e. give a topic at the end of the episode (Pick a game franchise and list what you would add/change in the next sequel) and read and discuss emails on the following episode. A little guidance on emails will go a long way with such a all-encompassing podcast.

    P.S. Minecraft Seed: FOR SCIENCE!

  • http://twitter.com/one_entity one_entity

    As  for SWTOR – I think they (that site you mentioned, forgot) got it 100% right. Excitement is fading. It’s not just time though, it’s actually more of the game being revealed.

    I had been looking forward to SWTOR for years, I mean, a fucking START WARS MMO from fucking BIOWARE, my favorite game company at that point (they lost a lot of points with crappy DLC and DA2)?! Seriously, come on, hell yeah I was gonna buy that.

    But then, over the years and especially the last few months, the more we’ve seen of the game the less I’m interested. Every fight etc. we see just seems WAY too much like WoW and every other MMO so far. It’s just not innovative. It’s the same damn tank-dps-healer trinity. That Eternity Vault raid we saw could just as well have taken place in WoW.

    The more I see of SWTOR the less I’m interested. With Guild Wars 2 it’s exactly the opposite, the more I see the more I’m interested.

    I played WoW for like 5+ years now, I want something new. If I were to switch from WoW (I was certain I’d leave WoW for SWTOR… not anymore, not by a long shot) it’d hae to be for something new, something different. I’ve played WoW for this long for a reason, for all its problems it’s still a great game. I’ve invested time in it, I’m still very interested in the lore, the story, my guild is there.

    SWTOR is just warmed up WoW, yes, with a few nice new features, but the combat, which you’ll probably spen 90% of the game on, is just the fucking same. Finding groups for instances and raids will be just as frustrating as it is in WoW, with too few people actually wanting to play a healer or tank.

    I was only moderately interested in Gild Wars 2 at first. I really liked Guild Wars 1 but I’m not really interested in PvP so a major part of the game was not for me. Still, I fell in love with the world and wanted to get Guild Wars 2. But over the last years, all the news, doing away with the damn trinity, actual innovation, different races (No Elves, Dwards etc. in Fantasy?! ZOMG)… I’m freaking giddy! :)

    Everquest 2 also had tons of voice-overs so if they try to sell SWTOR only on that, that’s not enough.
    I know lore and story etc. will be a big part and I LOVE to get very invested in a game world, its lore, if it’s interesting, it’s one of the major reasons for sticking to WoW and also why I’m so interested in GW2. But right now the SWTOR lore… not even tempted to buy the novels at the moment
    I’m actually considering not even getting the game at launch, even though I’d like to try it for myself, I’m just not at all enthusiastic about it anymore.

    Guild Wars 2 will also feature many voice-overs and from what we’ve seen it will also feature a lot of  character development, story, immersion (just look at totalbiscuit’s starting area video… awesome) and most importantly – PERSISTENCE! Yeah, it may not be forever but persistence for a few weeks/months is better than what we have now, i.e. everything staying the fucking same no matter what my oh so important character does in tihs world (the few instances of phasing in WoW aside).

  • http://twitter.com/MattCare Matt Care

    I <3 StarWars. Just sayin'

  • Anonymous

    Regarding a Mass Effect MMO, I think that if Bioware were to do an MMO now, that MMO would pretty much be WoW’s general gameplay in the ME universe with an ME style fighting system, same as effectively what TOR is doing.  If you look at DA:O and DA2, they “feel” very similar to WoW, and obviously take mechanics from them, which is fair because WoW has taken from Bioware games… 

    I think in both cases, TOR and ME, that there will be some innovations, but they’re not going to be earth shattering.  In fact I would expect that TOR will have more innovations as the SW universe will allow them some flexibility.  I expect TOR to be a quality game, and I also expect it as its done to have a life of only a few months.   

    As for Star Wars, I’m curious if you guys have read the novelizations of the movies?  The original trilogy was ghost written by Alan Dean Foster, the prequels by others.  I thought the actual stories were real similar in quality and effect which to my thinking should mean the movies are as well, but obviously they are not. 

  • http://twitter.com/SayomaraV Sayomara Vesper

    I personally enjoyed all the Star Wars talk, Its funny looking back how positive people like Roger Ebert and Kevin Smith were to The Phantom Menace. 

    In any case yet Rossi rant its not like you stay on topic that much anyways its better than 15 minutes of shopping.