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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 23: The one where we don’t know what to talk about « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 23: The one where we don’t know what to talk about

The Nitpixels Podcast returns this week with your hosts Mat McCurley, Alex Ziebart, and Matthew Rossi. The energy of this week’s episode is a bit lower than our norm, but that’s what happens when you channel as much raw hatred as we did last week. We need some time to recharge our batteries (of hate), you know?

This week’s discussion topics include:

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Do you have a question you would like to ask the Nitpixels crew? Have comments about the podcast? Email us at mailbag@nitpixels.com and we’ll answer it on the next edition of the Nitpixels Show if it strikes our fancy. You can also tweet any of us your questions — you can find our Twitter handles on the right-hand side of this very page (unless you’re on our mobile site).

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  • http://twitter.com/one_entity one_entity

    As for not using the standard faces EVER…

    I ALWAYS use the standard male Shepard, always have, always will, he IS Shepard for me. It’s the best looking, most detailed face and looks far better than any custom-made face, they always look too smooth, too … cracky, have a stupid beard/hair etc.

    If the standard FemShep will have the same or higher quality I’ll always choose only this one. Only went with a custom FemShep till now and “cheated” the best looking hairstyle, that you can’t normally choose.

  • http://twitter.com/jtth Jordan T-H

    Where’s the LoL referral link?

  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry Phillips

    You’re bitching about people bitching. You’re meta-bitching.

  • http://twitter.com/MattCare Matt Care

    I like Ctrl+Alt+Del :/ I dont care if you like it or not, but there are fans of it lol