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The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 21: The pre-Gamescom slump « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast Episode 21: The pre-Gamescom slump

The Nitpixels Podcast returns this week with your hosts Alex Ziebart, Matthew Rossi, and Mat McCurley. Michael Sacco could not be with us this week due to becoming a physical manifestation of Sin.

This week our discussion topics include:

You can listen to the podcast in the embedded player below, download it directly via the link below, or download and subscribe via iTunesNote: The iTunes store can take an extraordinarily long time to display new episodes on the podcast page. If you subscribe, it will download the episode for you, even though it may not immediately display on the page.

Do you have a question you would like to ask the Nitpixels crew? Have comments about the podcast? Email us at mailbag@nitpixels.com and we’ll answer it on the next edition of the Nitpixels Show if it strikes our fancy. You can also tweet any of us your questions — you can find our Twitter handles on the right-hand side of this very page (unless you’re on our mobile site).

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  • http://twitter.com/Orkchop Ian Rosenfield

    Oh man that Rob Liefeld link was hilarious.  I want to go dig up my box of ’90s comic books now.

    Did you guys ever seen when Penny Arcade parodied Rob Liefeld’s style for Comic Jumper?

  • http://twitter.com/DeGeiDragon DeGei

    I can tell you what was going to happen with the Xbox Live Account. The same thing happened to a friend within the last week. Chinese Security Question and all. They traded her account to a new email, connected her email to a new Free account, and then transferred the points they bought with her card to another account from the old account. Apparently they can be sent to friends or something.