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Dragon Age 2 Legacy and why you should get it « Nitpixels

Dragon Age 2 Legacy and why you should get it

Frankly, I’m amazed that this much content was released as a DLC. Simply amazed.

When I hear DLC, I think a mission or two, not a sprawling dungeon complex that takes up a solid hour or more to explore. Dragon Age 2 Legacy fixes the major problem with DA2, namely that after two solidly crafted and entertaining acts it seems to collapse in the third. Not any more. Even more so, it adds new complications and story hooks to the world and Hawke. The secrets of Hawke’s family and their connections to the Grey Wardens are exposed, as is a dangerous enemy with connections to the very formation of the darkspawn.

I think a long review would belabor the point, so I’ll do one of those in a day or two. For now? If you liked DA2, like Bioware, or liked any of the ME2 DLC, pick up Legacy, it’s simply phenomenal.

  • http://twitter.com/one_entity one_entity

    Have to – to some degree – agree. I got it finally after much going back and forth, and I don’t regret doing so, after the Meh that DA2 was it gave me a little bit of trust in Bioware back.

    Loved DA, loved ME1 and 2, loved some ME2 DLCs (Shadowbroker, Arrival, Kasumi except the walking jukebox with not dialogue tree thing), was bored by most and very disappointed in some DA1 DLCs, kinda disappointed by DA2.

    I know it’s supposed to be a big thing and all but the connection between Malcolm Hawke and the Grey Wardens, while interesting, in no way blew my mind. Like Witch Hunt something big was advertised but…. nothing much was there. Wasn’t as bad as Witch Hunt though, not by a long shot, it was decent but not more than that.

    But the real nature/background of the big bad evil… OH YEAH! Really didn’t see that coming, the talk being about it being a darkspawn all the time, the Awakening red herring, …
    Was very pleasantly surprised that they’d put something this important in a DLC, I hope they make it canon and important, like ME3 building on the Arrival DLC.

    The new areas look good and really are a nice change from the copy-paste of DA2, even though the …. “undercity”? portions of Kirkwall were recycled a couple times. Some (very annoying) new enemies and a surprisingly interesting boss fight.

    Unfortunately the items are not as good as the endgame items, if you start from a post-final savegame, even the vaunted Hawke special bloodline weapon I used only because of its importance to the story.
    One nice quest npc, giving us a peak into the Warden’s Calling, what happens to them when they start hearing the “Song” the Darkspawn hear. Unfortunately the “evil” route, the relevant npc is corrupted, evil, delusional, which is painfully obvious, a bit of surprise, subtelty would have been nice here. If some character we’ve never seen before turns out to be corrupted I can’t really find it in myself to care about him/her overly much. Something like this should have at least some impact, some importance to the player, some emotional involvement, otherwise it’s just a trope.

    The choice, I fear, won’t matter. Only played the “good” route so far, gonna play the “evil” one another time but I’d bet money that the end result is exactly the same, plus one then-dead corrupted npc.
    With this type of scenario/choice that’s happened a lot of times, not surprising, not terrible in itself, but after DA2’s problem of choices not mattering at all it’s kind of like rubbing salt into the wound. Seeing as they wanted to address players’ criticisms with this DLC they should have made this choice meaningful as well, but I guess they needed one canon ending to build on.

    Overall, wouldn’t call this DLC phenomenal, but good, very good, yes.

  • http://twitter.com/mikewenk Mike Wenk

    One question somewhat non related, but since apparently Steam removed DA2, can you still get the DLC if you purchased the game on steam?

    • http://twitter.com/one_entity one_entity

      I got DA2 on Steam and I had no problem getting and installing the DLC the usual way via the Bioware site.