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The Nitpixels Podcast E3 Special: Sony Vita and Nintendo Wii U « Nitpixels

The Nitpixels Podcast E3 Special: Sony Vita and Nintendo Wii U

The Nitpixels Podcast continues its aural reactions to E3 today with your hosts Mat McCurley and Alex Ziebart. Today’s topics include:

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  • GeekyGR


    Naoki punched out God’s night light and created a new world of darkness. Walking flesh mountain draped in steel just shoots guns and hides behinds chest high walls and makes players feel like men for a few hours. I love them all, being picky means you don’t get all the awesomeness that every great developer feels like conveying to us.

    The Dolphin was the prototype product name of the Gamecube. 

  • http://twitter.com/bare_gryllz HPhillips

    Re: Sony and Vita
    I am personally very excited for the Vita.  I was a big fan and player of the PSP (despite not having a commute), and the Vita is only going to add more to what I want. I don’t have that same feeling of “I could be doing something with my television or computer” when I play a portable system that you talk about, so maybe it’s just me. I play in bed, on the couch, or with headphones while my fiancee is watching TV or playing a game.
    The reason that I liked the PSP and am excited about the Vita is because I really like shorter, smaller games. The majority of my gaming purchases for the past several years (both in terms of numbers and money) have been downloadable titles for my PS3 and PC. It’s a format that just works for me, and it predisposes me towards portable games.Uncharted 2’s gameplay was an exceptional upgrade to the gameplay and graphics of Uncharted.  I firmly expect for Uncharted 3 to be a great upgrade to Uncharted 2’s gameplay and graphics. One of my problems with Uncharted was that it got repetitive and just devolved to gunplay towards the end, like Mirror’s Edge. Uncharted 2 varied the scenarios and gameplay so much throughout it’s duration that it stayed exciting and fun.I loved the first Resistance but I haven’t been able to get into Resistance 2. So I’ve been really skeptical regarding Resistance 3.

    Re: WiiU
    I’m excited about the WiiU, but I’m very skeptical about it. I feel burned by the Wii and let down. I didn’t like ANY of the Mario games, and Twilight Princess was good, but that was YEARS ago. The last game that I bought for the Wii was Smash Bros. Brawl.

    There was a Kotaku article about how many tablet controllers they expect you to have. They said that they’re looking into 2-player tablet games but never made mention of 4-player tablet games. He also said that they were aware that if the price was high, then that would be an obstacle.

    Sorry if that was long, I was just typing all my responses up as I listened.

  • http://twitter.com/Orkchop Ian Rosenfield

    If I gave you a 5-star review on iTunes, like, three months ago, do I still get to be in the contest? ;)  Also the undisclosed game should totally be Magicka because I heard that was a good game.

  • http://twitter.com/Orkchop Ian Rosenfield

    I used to be a tester for Konami and had to test some of the localized games.  It would pain me some of the stuff I would have to check.  I once wrote a full page bug saying “This is not how Italian people speak. You can’t just put an ‘a’ at the end of every word. This is horrible offensive.”

    I once tried to stop them from putting in an enemy into Yu-Gi-Oh called Cyclops Snake.  That bug report zipped all around the office.  People came up to me asking “Is there a Trouser Trout in the game?!”

    At least for Silent Hill 2 we had some of the developers in house, so they could explain to us just what the heck was going on.