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Suggest your favorite multiplayer PC game! « Nitpixels

Suggest your favorite multiplayer PC game!

After spending many hours last night playing Nutsy Bolts with a number of friends and readers, I was prompted to do something a little differently here on the blog today. I want to ask a question of all of you What do you think are good multiplayer online games?

Free games like Nutsy Bolts and Transformice are ideal, but paid games like Left 4 Dead and Magicka are very much acceptable! I find it strangely difficult to find pick-up-and-go multiplayer games that aren’t MMOs or first person shooters. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist — I simply don’t know what they are.

There are plenty of console party games like the Mario Kart, Mario Party, and all sorts of fighting games, but I find it much harder to find that experience on the PC. There is no PC Mario Party. You play an MMO or you play a first person shooter. It feels like a very limited set of options. StarCraft (or similar titles) is certainly an option, but it feels like a significant undertaking for what it is — party games generally have a very fast turnover round to round. In my experience, StarCraft … doesn’t.

Please, suggest your favorite multiplayer games! Any genre is acceptable. FPS, RPG,whatever you want, as long as it’s fun!

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  • Scarmath

    Well, if you are looking for a local multiplayer or party game, You Don’t Know Jack is pretty much the top of that list for ever and ever. Any of them will do, assuming they work on modern PCs. I make no promises on that front.

    • sgtnubbl

      You Don’t Know Jack is by far the best (if not only) party-esque game made for PC. Also, I heard somewhere that theres a new You Don’t Know Jack in the works.

      • sgtnubbl

        Apparently I’m a little behind the times. The new one was already released in February.

  • http://funingames.net/ Naithin

    Ah goodness. It varies depending on mood!

    Civilisation 4 and 5 certainly rank up there if you have the time to sink into ’em, definitely great LAN fodder.

    Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 is probably the best FPS co-op experience in years, certainly since Serious Sam 2 in any case. Portal 2 will likely take this title when it releases, although I guess that isn’t so much a FPS as a First Person Puzzler. A FPP if you will. Thhbt.

    Also? Despite how undeniably terrible Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 were, they made for some pretty dang fun online co-op play.

    …Hmm. Seems for me I tend to favour co-op play over head to head! At least it is my default go-to when I am asked to think about fun online MP games.

    I have also played and enjoyed a lot of competitive games too, such as most of the Battlefield Series, Team Fortress (the ooolllld one, the original, the one for the QuakeWorld client!) and the like.

    Oooh, and Rise of Nations! The first one. The second one was terrible. But the first! Oh so funsies!

    Hm. I should stop now. :P

    ((I lie! Muahaha! MoO2! … Although if you thought Civ was a time sink… Oi…))

  • http://twitter.com/orkchop Orkchop

    There’s Diablo 2, but that’s basically an MMO.

    I would also say that some of the puzzle games by PopCap and GameHouse can be done as a local party games; Especially the word one’s like Text Twist or Bookworm. My wife and I would sit together and try to found all the combinations.

  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry

    I’ll admit, I haven’t played many multiplayer PC games, especially in recent history.

    Left 4 Dead was really fun, even though I sucked horribly compared to the others.

    I’ve only laddered in SC2, and I haven’t done that in forever so I wouldn’t really submit it for consideration.

    WoW is, of course, multiplayer but for some reason considering it just doesn’t seem right either.

  • JayVick

    I’m with naithin, the Civ games are a blast for multiplayer, though lately I’ve been giving Bad Company 2 a go since it was on sale a few weeks back…

  • ToastyPosty

    Super Smash Brothers (any incarnation) I’ve killed many an hour in high school and later years playing this game with some of the same people I’ve been playing with for years.

  • Zainwolf

    It’s been a mighty long time and very few will remember my favourite multiplayer PC game, I think. Once upon a time Virgin Interactive released a massively multiplayer 2D space combat game called Subspace. It wasn’t the runaway hit the company had hoped for, and they eventually discontinued it. However, fans of the game kept it alive and eventually re-coded the game entirely including the servers and it now lives on in obscurity as “Continuum”.

    My own description: Imagine asteroids without the asteroids in a giant space arena where everyone is blasting the heck out of each other. That’s Subspace!

    I believe it was also one of the first graphical massively multiplayer online games to exist.