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Sims Medieval: The Sims take a turn for the RPG « Nitpixels

Sims Medieval: The Sims take a turn for the RPG

I truly believe that the Sims games have something to offer every type of gamer. There is no correct way to play the game and it offers so many options that absolutely anybody can find some form of entertainment within. You can play the predetermined scenarios if you’re looking for RPG-style gameplay. If you want to build something, you can set a budget for yourself and create an estate for your sims. If you want to start from nothing and work your way up, you can create a custom family and make something from nothing. If you don’t want a deep experience and simply want to be wacky, you have that option, too. Murder an entire family in increasingly bizarre ways? Try to break a man’s psyche? Steal all of the neighbors’ lawn gnomes? Impregnate an entire city’s population? Go wild. The Sims provides entertainment in spades for any player that picks up the game.

The announcement of Sims Medieval caught my interest immediately. Come on. It’s The Sims with knights, bards and wizards. How cool is that? Building keeps and castles with the Sims‘ robust construction and decoration tools? Yes, please! Despite Sims Medieval not receiving nearly as much hype juice as the core Sims titles, I’ve been following the game since I first took notice of it.

The game launches in just a few short days, but I’ve grown … unsure. One of the features that EA has really pushed with this title is the inclusion of definite beginning and end points. You can win the game. You can lose the game. There is definite structure to the title and not simply, “goof off until your own stupidity kills everyone under your control.” It specifically is not a generational title — it is all about your character’s personal endeavors and whether he or she succeeds or fails. You can have children, but they will never age. The emphasis has been scaled back from the open-ended creation of your personal world and neighborhood and more toward a rigid, quest-based RPG system.

That seems to go against everything that I’ve enjoyed about The Sims. It’s moving away from being a game for all types of people and instead trying to worm itself into an RPG niche. The Sims series has caught a lot of flak over the years for failing to innovate. It caught criticism for never bringing anything new to the table and churning out the same sort of content endlessly. The Sims is taking a chance with Sims Medieval and taking that innovative step — trying something completely new with the series.

I’m going to try the game, but it turns out I’m not sure innovation is really what I want out of the title. I just want to play dress-up with wizards.

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  • http://taufmonster.blogspot.com Henry

    Oh man, The Sims. I only ever had the original and it’s first two expansion packs (which really began to take a toll on the game’s load time). There was this one house that I felt was cursed. I had two complete families all die to horrible kitchen fires in that house.

    I buried them in the yard.

    My favorite character was one that didn’t have a job. He made all of his money by crafting garden gnomes and selling them. I hated having a job for my Sim because of the need to have a social life to get promotions. Making friends is hard. The other Sims were unpredictable and required me to tend to their needs as well.(jeez, reading that makes me sound off) That and it meant spending much of his time away from the house, where I couldn’t interact with him.

    So I kept him alone and friendless. Stuck in his house all day, carving and paint garden gnomes.

    Day in. Day out. Gnomes.

    The room would fill with gnomes. Each one with their stupid little hats, staring at my Sim with their creepy little eyes.

    Then sometimes they would explode and set off a chain reaction. I always felt unsafe if I made too many of them before I sold them.


  • http://vgrpgblog.blogspot.com Carrie

    The Sims Medieval sounded cool until I learned that it was trying to be like an RPG. It would have been better to make the Sims RPG, which has an Urban setting and your Sim has skill points for doing varying tasks, as well as quests. It would also need to be huge and open ended. There are already a ton of medieval RPG games out there…sigh.